abundance and cravings,
elegance au naturel,
sensuality with sparks,
enjoying yet offering.

Offering is the keyword. My offer to you. Because this moment is about you. You are here for something special, seeking the little missing piece for a happier day. And you know well that when you find it, this burst of fullness lingers for not just one, but many days… Oh, let me warn you, this lasting feeling of bliss engraved in your memory is truly addictive!

Now you are on my page, dreaming of that perfect moment, a little bit hesitant, very much aroused, waiting to be convinced by the most luscious invitation. Let me tell you what you will find when the door opens. 

We are together because we are sharing an authentic quest of playful collusions, unpretentious affairs of pure simplicity, because I am easy going, and I’m sure you are too, and what we want to live isn’t complicated. I have no doubt that we’ll become comfortable together within a few laughs and stories, which will make our next type of conversation even more fun… 

Again, what we want isn’t complicated. Irresistible mornings, feisty afternoons, delicacies at dusk. Although the mysteries of love in the moonlight are always a classic to explore, mornings and afternoons have a little je-ne-sais-quoi that propels them to a place of secrets and passionate exchanges, don’t you think? Imagine the golden sun caressing our skin, or the warmth under the covers after a long night of sleep that makes our heads spin.

I embody sensuality. It represents my nature, my touch, my being. I love to tease, wait, look, hear, feel. I want to discover what you, my companion, wants and feels. A sweet innocence may transpire from that romantic side, but don’t be fooled, I will reveal myself in due course and naivety is not a trait that I possess! In other words, you come see me for that slow-paced moment mixed with fierce spontaneity, that sensual tension I create. 

My smooth skin only asks for your attention. You will absolutely fall for my mischievous smile, and my fine sense of humor will charm the silly kid in you. I treat my body with the utmost respect so your hands will feel spoiled rotten when being curious. After all, my educational background is in health and fitness and my physique and habits reflect just that. It’s a subject I devour with unceasing interest. We could say I was made to work in physical-related fields! 

Never flashy nor tasteless, I always present myself in an unadorned and elegant way that also shows my natural look and graceful manners. Whether I choose to wear a form-fitting pair of jeans or a chic ensemble, seductive lingerie and heels are always part of the deal. Should we choose to go skiing, hiking, dining, east or west, hot or cold, I’m wardrobe ready. 

If you are the avid type, you can find a few reviews below coming from multiple boards on the Internet. I allow them to a certain extent, let me know if you wish to share one on a public forum. These kind of reviews can be intimidating to some, so for the more reserved ones, an anonymous a posteriori thank-you note can be left on my website with no obligatory details to share. Just be you!

Delve into that burst of anticipation you are feeling. Let’s have fun!

Brief to long getaways, it all starts with an email.

Let’s go Hanna!

After trying to get our paths to cross for while, I finally was able to meet Hanna in Toronto and we agreed on a special evening and went to see Toronto Raptors.

We meet beforehand, donned our best fan attire and made our way to the game. Hanna was very easy to talk and the game despite its excitement left us time to get to know each other. After enjoying some food and drinks, we decided to make our way back to Hanna’s place.

What I can I say? It was the best part of the evening and it’s not just because the Raptors lost. Hanna is a very sensual woman who knows how to please and to be pleased. Her beauty is timeless and she moves like a feline.

I wish the night never ended, but unfortunately I had to be on my way.

Until our paths cross again.


Amazing experience!

Met Hanna during her visit to Vancouver, she was simply amazing! She looked stunning in her black dress she greeted me with. Her natural beauty and intelligence is hard to come by. Don’t let this one slip away!


a natural tendency to
have fun

I do not do this to be bored. I compare my life to an odyssey that can never be too long, nor too exciting, page after page no half measures are expected, where ordinary is not part of my daily life; I can only live the same way in this demimonde. I can't hide that brief encounters are a regular part of my schedule, they provide balance for a healthy lifestyle, and although short or modest, I cherish their diversity, their singular stories, and they surely allow us to walk together before we can run, don't they?

But I admit. I have a penchant for the little « plus » you wish to bring to our next reunion, for that intellectual level of seduction that carries us beyond the regular instant, in the hope of multiplying those rendez-vous with a limitless appetite. My schedule will tend to favour returning patrons for the opportunities and connivance that come with the deepest, voire oldest, connections. Ultimately, I seek to prolong our conversational chemistry into a seductive touch that lasts for hours between the sheets, but also into longer engagements, into greater moments so we can live a little. I must say I love that saying! To live a little! What else do we need, other than living life to its fullest?



« The most important thing I discovered [...] is that I can't waste any more time doing things I don't want to do. » - J.G., La grande belleza