abundance and cravings,
elegance au naturel,
sensuality with sparks,
enjoying yet offering.

Abundance is my way of life, from all the experiences I live, the magnificent jazz I hear, the sensations I share. To satisfy my hedonistic desires, I’m here to offer you a perfect life-size experience. It’s also my fantasy! Well accompanied, I’m fascinated by every second of our encounter. I want to create a story from your wishes, a tailor-made liaison in which you can be yourself. Where you may feel free to expose your cravings and be treated the way you deserve.

I embody sensuality. It represents my nature, my touch, my being. It is present from the first sparks between two unfamiliar bodies, where feelings escalate toward a genuine union through thoughts, sighs, and pleasures…

Unadorned but chic, I always present myself in an elegant way that also shows my natural look and my graceful manners. My smooth and pale skin will be caressed by your attentions and your gaze in which I will thrive. I hope my sweet innocence and gentle spontaneous laugh will intrigue you, while later I will reveal myself to you and surprise you a little bit more…

I am naturally attracted by mature and courteous men, so feel comfortable and do not hesitate to send me a warm invitation for a private moment; it will be a pleasure to accept!

The same way you explore me, I want to discover what you, my companion, wants and feels. What your generous mind has to offer. I want to sense your pleasure, which was born from the anticipation you felt a few minutes ago. Maybe a few days ago…

Now, you want to go further than this anticipation?

a natural tendency to
have fun

I do not do this to be bored. I compare my life to an odyssey that can never be too long, nor too exciting, page after page no half measures are expected, where ordinary is not part of my daily life; I can only live the same way in this demimonde. I can't hide that brief encounters are a regular part of my schedule, they provide balance for a healthy lifestyle, and although short or modest, I cherish their diversity, their singular stories, and they surely allow us to walk together before we can run, don't they?

But I admit. I have a penchant for the little « plus » you wish to bring to our next reunion, for that intellectual level of seduction that carries us beyond the regular instant, in the hope of multiplying those rendez-vous with a limitless appetite. My schedule will tend to favour returning patrons for the opportunities and connivance that come with the deepest, voire oldest, connections. Ultimately, I seek to prolong our conversational chemistry into a seductive touch that lasts for hours between the sheets, but also into longer engagements, into greater moments so we can live a little. I must say I love that saying! To live a little! What else do we need, other than living life to its fullest?

An amusing dinner companion

Put simply Hanna is the whole package. She’s more beautiful then her pictures convey, an elegant and amusing dinner companion, and an absolute rock star in the sack. She runs her business in an organized and professional manner which is all too rare. I don’t do a lot of reviews, but I’ve seen many providers over the years and Hanna is in a tie for best ever with only 2 or 3 other providers.

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Simply the best!

Hanna was the first woman I met when I moved to Montreal a few years ago. Our first encounter was amazing and every encounter since has been better than the last. We’ve seen each other many, many, many times and she never ceases to amaze. She is sophisticated, funny, stunning, sexy and simply the BEST. Ever!




« The most important thing I discovered [...] is that I can't waste any more time doing things I don't want to do. » - J.G., La grande belleza