Take a short pause from your busy day to plunge in the anticipation of our upcoming rendez-vous, which starts with this love letter that you are about to compose. Words are your accomplices. You certainly want to pique my curiosity, make sure I've read your warm invitation with a naughty little smile, and ask myself, are we meeting soon?

In summary, I prioritize well-written introductions (français or english) with fully formed sentences that also include a reference, physical description, age, profession, questions you might have, and any details that you see fit in the hope of an effortless connection on our first meeting. I selectively choose the company of my suitors for the same reason, and will disregard any unfriendly, incomplete, too short or vulgar letters.

You are about to go further than this anticipation...


« Take care of your words and the words will take care of you. » - Amit Ray